The Angsty Good

I've the strongest desire to leap head first into the future. Just to head straight into my next educational adventure, my next language adventure, my next relationship adventure. I haven't even come close to finishing these first few. It's upsetting and leaves me tied by my ankle at the end of a limp rope. Why … Continue reading The Angsty Good


Calling You

This is a brief piece coming to mind after listening to the Jazz tune, Calling You, sung by Giorgia though originally by, I believe, Jeff Buckley. It may or may not become something like a short story.

I have returned to this blog under the inspiration of the film Julie and Julia. I figure it may be good to get back at it, and the point still remains for this to be a telling flow of consciousness. I really have yet to find a niche, so consciousness is all I have unless … Continue reading