The Start of 21st Century Anonymous

I started this story in 2014 and then it fell of the face of the world. I thought I'd share it as a long read. I hope you enjoy if you need a break from reality.


On Gun Violence

The United States needs to take responsibility for the lives of her citizens who are too carelessly being slaughtered as the government and a portion of the population do not step up with a voice to end this madness.  

Calling You

This is a brief piece coming to mind after listening to the Jazz tune, Calling You, sung by Giorgia though originally by, I believe, Jeff Buckley. It may or may not become something like a short story.

Over, Again

The Hebrew University is still on break for roughly another twenty days. I realized today that, as you get older, breaks are just designed for you to work more. Maybe not as hard as you were before, but as hard as you can to actually make progress. And, there are many ways to access progress, … Continue reading Over, Again

I have returned to this blog under the inspiration of the film Julie and Julia. I figure it may be good to get back at it, and the point still remains for this to be a telling flow of consciousness. I really have yet to find a niche, so consciousness is all I have unless … Continue reading