*Trigger Warning*

girls are strong

This woman, she had the most beautiful dress. It held against her body like a second skin. It was almost nothing, and flowing. It cast behind her like a line of sheer light as she walked. Her muscles worked under her flesh and carried her into the sensations of the present. She knew who she was then, and she was brilliance; a splice of time and matter in a suit conceived in a fit of emotion.

Only when a boy passed did she begin to think of herself on the ground once again. She suddenly realized her size. Her strength was taxed just looking at him. He approached her with a heavy step, gathering her energies like he possessed them and kissed her lips which she did not want. She turned her head, and she said no. He got on his knees and she looked around, wondering who was out of their mind. Her heart was flickering like a purple glowing florescent.

The boy stayed on his knees for a long time and she said words to him. He did not react, only stayed tucked down. He wanted her for sex and she was wondering if she owed him that. What was she thinking? That she owed him the pleasure while she withered in queer discomfort. She told him he was scaring her and he stood up, all her energy falling from him in buckets and splattering at her feet.

He was staring at her with dumb eyes.

She was so scared all she uttered were the words, “Please, don’t take advantage of me.”

Then she worried if it had sounded too much like an invitation and she hesitated. He was  the one out of his mind. He began to take off his clothes, right there like it was nothing. Fire rose to her cheeks while staring at his boy body. He wanted her for sex and no was not an answer. Her dress was taken by the wind which seemed to be breathing new energy into her blood.

Suddenly inspired, she took to her own body. She punched the bastard in the face and then took off. No, was her first and final answer. Her muscles worked with her youth to carry her far, quickly. She ran back home. Home to where she lays with herself. She is brilliance. You have no right to take her without her consent. She is people too. Thank you.