Brief Thought on Talk

I listened to my Grandmother the other day. She has a tendency to chatter, but I find it interesting what she has to say. She started up with my trip to Israel and told me that I might not come back thinking the same about my future. I have not quite thought in that way before, about losing the track I see myself on now. If I am not open to the idea she is providing a window to, I am not ready to progress into any future, let alone one that can change any day, not to mention a year!

My Grandmother spoke of her days as a professor and how she came to teach the courses she had. She explained how she was able to work with people’s minds and see how they developed and grew to understand where she was coming from, that she had dedicated her portion of life to communication.

Stripe Talk

And having seven billion individual points of view to account for, the world may come a bit unstrung.


That might just be everyone’s racket in life, to communicate. I think discourse is vital, starting with heeding what people who are older than you have to say. American culture has lost this, abandoned its elders for, well I do not know, its richest most corrupt men and women. However our country can be communicative and again ready to listen though I have no possible answers with me writing this.

Because, communication distraction and disruption happens with us commoners too. (And while the following affect even the richest in ways as well) Those of us struggling to find footing for ourselves every other moment of the day, and fighting against the voices inside and outside of our heads that do not hardly ever agree with where we are situated. The present is hard to capture. And having 7 billion individual points of view to account for, the world may come a bit unstrung.

That is why I presume we let the globe (all the rocks, plants, animals human and otherwise; and for all the people worldwide, do not silence their voice unless it is one of sure hate) and universe (all the stars, energies, and emotion) talk to us. Even the smallest things like letting the bugs tell us the problems with our soil where we grow our crops instead of killing them with harmful pesticides that the scientists do not properly warn of, for it will bother their renown and the profits of the monopolized companies who manufacture them.

It comes to politics as well. The generations coming up must take it back. We must take the practice of policy back into our own hands and create sound communication networks from local to national levels. It is up to a collective effort and it is up to reviewing the Constitution, our source of lawmaking, and yes, even changing it to make it suitable for the past hundreds of years worth of history. Reviewing the Economics is another key position and even changing that policy could work really well too.

Now the term Historicism lingers in my mind. It is a process of trying to essentially measure history and determining that everything is cyclical and also, all in the name of “social progress”. If in fact there are always cycles occurring in history, then there must not be any communication passing on from each era to prevent such cycles, thus no actual social progress is happening. We need several more expressionists in order to get the collective mind out of it’s desperate human loop.

I have many thoughts dear audience. It is hard for me to manage them cohesively. My bottom line before I go too far however, is that anything is possible, absolutely anything is, if the human family gathers for the Earth and to protect. My images only may be diluted by my lack of knowledge and experience, yet I am absolutely not going to be giving up on a world that saw fit to bring me along. I have some amount of purpose and that amount is up to me. It is up to all of us to determine to what degree our silences will control us and to what end. It is up to us to speak to changing the world for real progress, not obvious desecration.

I believe in generations curious for change.