The Garden

There is a garden where the sandy colored stone paths are bordered by running water. The walls are darker, more rugged stone and are covered in green mosses and green vines. Water dripped from the top of the stones and into ponds of lily pads and coy fish. Many things grew here; plants native to the desert land. There were spindly things, sturdy things, flowery and fruity things. They are all labeled as well, in Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin. I walk through this garden every school day.

There were two young girls in the garden one day. They were playing rock, paper, scissors, counting to three in Hebrew. Akhat, shteim, shaalosh. They had smiles on their faces, sun in their hair and giggles in their breath. The paths through the trees behind them is still unexplored territory for me but I just wanted to get home. Maybe some other day I will walk all throughout the gardens. It is a happy, and beautiful place.