I am Sara, and I am traveling to Israel to study for a year abroad. I feel quite a bit of energy flowing in the world around me, and my direction in Arabic has led the flow to the Holy Land. I question my sanity every day with reverence to these energies. They have yet to be proven in scientific terms but my inclination tells me that, while science is wonderful and providing great if not scary advancements, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Something is missing in lives and in spiritual faith and connection. Not necessarily a belief in a god or many, but the belief in the self rather than a collective.




I am upon this Earth in the current direction of learning at least four other languages other than English so that I may become better at expressing myself in my own native tongue. These languages are Arabic, Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Italian. This also so that I may deeply study the monotheistic faiths and their connectivity and become an Italian citizen someday.

These blogs are just an adventure in self expression of thought as are any, and an adventure in open communication. Please feel free to message or email me but make sure you let me know where you have gotten my information from!