Anxiety Cooked the Brain

My dogs get scared of the rain. They always have gotten scared of even the slightest drizzle. They hack and wheeze in all their stress and it ends up giving me stress because they start to follow me around the house in passive fear . I feel like I am kind of doing this to … Continue reading Anxiety Cooked the Brain


Here Comes a Trip

I dosed Psilocybin and found some things locked away in my mind again. Despite no direct and individual medical research to help me, this is good training in future reference to bad thoughts, depression, and angst.


*Trigger Warning* This woman, she had the most beautiful dress. It held against her body like a second skin. It was almost nothing, and flowing. It cast behind her like a line of sheer light as she walked. Her muscles worked under her flesh and carried her into the sensations of the present. She knew … Continue reading Dresses

Am I Okay?

I have been listening to the same Italian woman sing to me for a week now. Over and over again she is in my head all day, what the hell. She is a physical obsession that stirs my dancing spirit, the spirit of sex and creation. She is Giorgia and she has next to nothing … Continue reading Am I Okay?