God’s Footrest

Today I realized that one by one we grow. It came to me conceptually as a Tetris like stairway. It clicked. I could see myself exploding through old tissue and donning some new. I could do the minimum, what I am used to and what I can manage, or I could put forth one more. … Continue reading God’s Footrest



*Trigger Warning* This woman, she had the most beautiful dress. It held against her body like a second skin. It was almost nothing, and flowing. It cast behind her like a line of sheer light as she walked. Her muscles worked under her flesh and carried her into the sensations of the present. She knew … Continue reading Dresses

Am I Okay?

I have been listening to the same Italian woman sing to me for a week now. Over and over again she is in my head all day, what the hell. She is a physical obsession that stirs my dancing spirit, the spirit of sex and creation. She is Giorgia and she has next to nothing … Continue reading Am I Okay?